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Demons Den

Rods, Staves, and Wands

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Rods, Staves, and Wands
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Staffs of power: these magical staffs can snatch opponents magic's out of the air and use them to charge themselves, and then return it as a rain of fire, a bolt of lighting or a burst of deadly magical energy,  becoming both a powerful defensive and offensive weapon in this manner.  some of the staffs can do any of the effects listed some just one, and even others have more and varied powers, discuss the one you find with Reality to find it's powers and limitations.  (though sometimes nothing but experimentation will do)

Staf of lightning, Staff of fire, staff of Missles: these staves are limited but very useful each able to send devestating blasts of the type of magic they are attuned to at an opponent usually a certain number of times each day then it must recharged from the ambient magic in the air.

Staff or elemental command:  this staff will give the weilder a control over and elemental form, Air, Water, Fire or Earth allowing the mage to summon and control an elemental of great power to fight at their side, each one though has only a certain amount of times that is can be used and when they are gone the staff vanishes in a burst of the element that it is attuned to.

Unique Staves:  there are many such that Mages have created over the years and each has different powers and properties, if you find a staff somewhere that you don't recognize from the descriptions above, then experimentation or perhaps magical seeking may tell you what it's abilities are.



Rods: halfway between a stave and a wand in size each of these is a unique item and must either be experimented with or somehow magically identified to find it's magical properties.



Wands: these handy items are usually attuned to one single spell and will cast it at the owners command until it's charges have been exhausted, when that happens it will crumble to dust.  some can be recharged but the method and proscess of each recharging is different for each wand.

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