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Demons Den
Rings, Robes, Cloaks, and Armour
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Rings, Robes, Cloaks, and Armour

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Any jewelry if it is of sufficenti quaility can be enchanted to hold magic.
there are many different kinds of Magical jewelry and I will only cover the most common types here

Items of protection- these items will offer limited protection from magic and physical attack
making it harder for you to be hit or perhaps lessening the damage of a blow or magical spell directed at you.  The protection offered can range from quite weak to fairly strong and is dependent on each item

Items of spell holding: these items of jewelry are enchanted to hold a single specific spell they can hold it until called for (sometimes holding more than one of the same type) and then be recharged. these are the singular item where it is standard to recharge them it simply requires casting the desired spell on the item



Robes, cloaks and wizard clothing

robe of steel: though appearing and feeling like it is made from the finest silk, this robe gives the wizard protection much like a suit of plate mail

Robe of invisibility: this robe has the ability to make it's wearer invisible for a limited number of times, it can usually be recharged but again each item is unique

Robe of fire, ice, lightning, cold:  each of these robes will protect the wearer from a particular kind of damage.



cloak of protection:  these cloaks of various power will make it harder for the wearer to be hit, these are some of the most common magical items available

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