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Tantric=Th'skara= this is tantric magic.  That is magic gathered and put under control by sexual activity.  This
                           magic form requires the mage to have sexual activity.  At first at th lower levels of power it can be self induced but to
                           get to higher power levels it requires a partner.  This partner can be a long time lover or a one night stand the activity
                           and the orgasms from both parties is what matters.  They do have a few other twists.  A tantric mage can find a Hjarda, a
                           soulmate, that they connect with on a deep inner level with something akin to telepathy.  This person will become a part of
                           them much as a familiar in normal magical literature  but without losing any autonomy or control.  They are not a puppet or
                           a slave to the Mage's whim (unless of course they want to be  *  Grins  *  )  but a true love and life partner.  This will
                           give the Th'skara an advantage.  They will be able when they are close enough to see or hear through their hjarda, if they
                           are both mages then their power will be pooled so that both can call on the others at need, if the Hjarda is not a mage they
                           can cast limited magic through the Hjarda in special circumstances. This brings about it's own dangers but can be very useful
                           at times.  The tantric mage tends to be chaotic and unpredictable.  A free spirit  who has a zest for life and new experiences
                           though usually not evil in that their power rests on the enjoyment of others at much as it does on their own.    They also
                           tend to be rather flamboyant  and a bit vain, and oh yes very very very sexually active.
                           Celibate=Th'shasha- A celibate mage seems at first glance to be the opposite  of the tantric in many ways.  They gain their
                           power through the denial of sexual activity and the self discipline that this causes them to build up.  They are rather rigid
                           self disciplined sorts,  Some call them real stick in the muds.  They are also very organized and can become extremely powerful
                           through their exercise of self control.  Though they do tend to be research mages, keepers of knowledge and libraries more
                           than adventuring mages.  They tend toward a more lawful, deliberate lifestyle eschewing flamboyance and  vain behavior, though
                           they also tend nto to be out right evil some of them have been known to be that way.  They are not the absolute opposite of
                           the tantric but they come close.
                           Oath=Th'srana-  these mages gain their power through a self discipline of another sort the making and keeping of a series
                           of oaths.  The higher in power they climb the more oaths they must take and maintain.  The breaking of even one oath can rob
                           them of their power until they have atoned for the breaking.  Even if they are broken unintentionally, or  through a necessity
                           ie the breaking was required to save someone's life.  They  will still have to atone (though is that kind of case the atonement
                           would be very light the very act of their selfless act to save the life being in part an atonement.  These mages tend to be
                           very lawful also, not into doing things that will bring attention to themselves or cause others to try to seek out their oaths
                           and try to force them to break them.
                           Ritual=Th'smehtos- Ritual mages many argue are the original mages of the world all other disciplines growing out of them.
                           Many disbelieve this since the disciplines seem to be inherited but there is also a lot of evidence to support this viewpoint.
                           A Ritual mage gets their magic through a certain thing they must perform to renew their energies.  As the mage gains more
                           and more power their ritual becomes consequently more complex time consuming and elaborate.  It almost always involves objects,
                           and movements,  sometimes chants and speeches (even if only to themselves).  One of the most powerful ritual mages ever known
                           used a tea drinking ceremony that at the height of his power involved twenty different parts of a tea set and took over three
                           hours to complete.  These mages  have no specific behavioural trends they can be either quiet and studious or have a flagrantly
                           flamboyant  ritual.   Tending neither towards good or evil order or chaos.  They are truly free to do what they wish in almost
                           any way they wish to do it.
                           Sacrificial=Th'sKallia- Sacraficial mages are mages that get their power through the sacrifice of objects or animals or even
                           sentient beings.  They tend to be evil but there are those of this discipline that have been very good also sacrificing huge
                           amounts of money or magic or parts of themselves to get their magic back.  The sacrifice need not even be physical it could
                           be emotional or conceptual, the most important thing is that it is important to the sacrificer or in the cae of an animal
                           or human sacrifice that it be of a powerful enough "spirit" to fuel the magic they wish to command.  The sacrificial mage
                           is seen as the natural opposite of the tantric mage since their discipline in many cases is death dealing while the tantrics
                           discipline is seen as life affirming and nurturing.
                           Secret=Th'ssalia - this type of mage makes and keeps secrets, they are very similar to the oath mages in this respect.  They
                           must keep secrets from all others at all costs.  Some have worn  strange body shrouding clothes keeping even their gender
                           a secret, others have hidden treasures or even people away keeping secrets in that way.  Again the higher their personal power
                           levels the more secrets, and more profound the secrets they must keep.  These mages tend to be loners, (it's easier to keep
                           a secret that way) perhaps becoming close to a lover or one or two close friends that they learn they can trust.  They do
                           tend towards orderly behavior and a non-attention grabbing lifestyle.
                           Meditational=Th'shalia- These mages meditate, sinking into a deep trance like state as they gather the ambient magic of the
                           world and recharge their own powers.  Their meditation does not become more elaborate as they become more powerful but they
                           do tend to go deeper into the trance state (some have been known to sit in the middle of a battle field and mediate as they
                           try to regather their magic).  These Mages tend also towards orderly behavior but not totally so, there have been many of
                           them with chaotic flamboyant tendencies in their lives.  
                           General notes on mages-  You may have noticed in the meditational passage that I mentioned med's sitting in the middle of
                           a battlefield to gather their magic back.  This is possible, usually without them being harmed or attacked in any way, because
                           of a strange phenomenon called Th'Skirinang  this happens when a mage is harmed while regathering their energies in whatever
                           form their particular discipline requires.   It is a retributive strike basically, calling forth all the energy that the mage
                           has at the moment and all he is about to gather from the ambient energy of the world  to strike at their attacker or attackers
                           in one powerful irresistible blast, usually leaving the attacker(s) as smoking piles of ash blowing away in the wind.  You
                           may also have notice that I spoke of only one set of mages that are each other's opposites.  The tantric and the sacrifical,
                           these groups tend to have an implacable dislike and distrust of each other but there have been rare instances when they are
                           able to work together and even become friends or more.  The other disciplines seem to have no true opposites and treat each
                           others groups with disinterest.  Though celibate mages tend to distrust Tantric mages because of certain differences in their
                           worldview and also because it is rumored that there are tantric spells that will allow a tantric to drain and take permanent
                           control over all a celibates magic if they can succeed in involving them ina willing seduction.

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