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Food of Gor

Bosk: This animal closely resembles a Yak of Urth, used for many things on Gor. Can be served roasted and sliced, or as steaks. The milk of the bosk is very drinkable and can be used to make cheese and churned for butter.
Tarsk: This meat is roasted. On way to prepare it is stuffed with Suls and Peppers from the City of Tor.
Verr: A goat like animal. The meat can be eaten. It's milk can be used for drinking or the making of cheese and butter.
Kort: Another meat.
Vulo: A small pigeon like bird. Can be cooked and eaten. The very small eggs are cooked for the breakfast meal by frying them in a large, flat pan. Takes several birds or many eggs to make a meal.
Cosian Wingfish: Called so for it's ability to "fly" above the waters of Thassa for short distances. It's livers are considered a delicacy.
Marsh Shark: A somewhat dangerous food to gather the shark makes wonderful fillets.
Parsit Fish: Slender, striped.
Oysters: Oysters can be found in the Tamber Gulf area and are considered a delicacy.
Sul: golden brown. Starchy. Tuberous root of the Sul Plant (not unlike the potato on Urth). Can be distilled into the drink called paga.  One way of serving is to break it open and fill it with melted Bosk cheese.
Sa-Tarna: A grain, yellow in color. It is a staple of Gor. It is brewed into Paga. It is also ground and used to bake the Sa-Tarna Bread that is a staple food at every Gorean meal. The bread is a rounded, flat loaf that is yellow in color. It is marked, before baking, into six sections.
Black Bread: A loaf of black bread similar to the coffee bread found on Urth.
Larma Fruit: A sweet fruit. It is served sliced.
Redfruit: A small red fruit normally served in slices.
Tospits: The tospit is yellow in color. Small, peach like fruit that is about the size of a plum. They are bitter, but edible. Often they are dried and candied.
Dates: These come from the City of Tor.
Ramberries: A sweet small berry often served from a bowl directly from the kajiras hand.
Ta Grapes: A sweet small grape from the Ta plant from which ta-wine is made.  Their served by hand.
Celane Melon: This juicy melon is favored to quench the thirst of any rarius.
Peas: These are mentioned as a menu item, but not described.
Olives: These are commonly from the City of Tor. (referred to as Torian Olives)
Red Olives: These come from the groves of Tyros.
Tur-Pah: It is an unknown type vegetable.
Rence: It is an unknown type vegetable.
Cheese/ Butter: Can be made from the milk of the Bosk or the Verr.

Gor is Gor, I know my place, you better learn yours.