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A True Read

From a Man I stand beside. I offer thanks to him for allowing me to post his thoughts here.

The Kyrerean Manifesto for Gorean Men, and kajira slaves.

How Goreans Killed Gor

Much speculation and discussion has come about about what is wrong with Gor these days. We think about the old days, and those who are older think about older days, and we look at nostalgia, and we determine there is something missing from Gor. Many hours, and resources, and discussions have come about as to what could be the problem. Where is the fault with Gor? What has happened that has caused Gor to be less than what we determine?

Can we even agree as to what is and is not Gorean?

There is a contraversy, a disagreement about what the word Gorean means. What does it mean to be a Gorean? This has permitted many view points to come in to the so-called grey areas, and call itself Gorean, until the word seems to lose meaning.

And while this is going on, a simple fact has come to light, to those of us of experience, those who can measure their Gorean lives not in terms of months, but of years, of decades. Something IS wrong.

Simply put, Gor has failed.

This fact is no longer a contraversial statement.

Gor has become a mockery of itself, twisted and unrecognizable. Things go on under the name Gorean that are unrecognizable. Gor as it is lets anything happen, and anyone who criticizes this is a troublemaker, and a pariah.

It is time to have the courage to face this fact. Gor has failed.

We Goreans have allowed Gor to fail.

We have found every manner of scapegoat for why Gor has failed. We’ve gone from naming specific channels, to blaming slaves, to blaming freewomen, to blaming the network that we speak to each other on.

The fact is, those things are not to blame. We are.

I am responsible for the failure of Gor. You are as well. We all are, and this is a burden that we must bear. We failed ourselves. If you call yourself Gorean, and you accept this, then you must also accept that this failure can no longer be acceptable. It is a hard reality, but one we must accept. The ones who killed Gor, is us.

One of the symptoms of the death of Gor… are the ‘realists.’ When a Gorean speaks of a slave serving a Master, fully, of using a slave because it pleases us, of slaves giving everything to their Masters, they reply ‘The reality is that is not possible, and so we adjust.’ They tell us what we want and need and crave is not realistic. They tell us men should not require of a slave what pleases him. They tell us that it is not reality.

Then, we speak to slaves, and they tell us NO! They want real men! They want to be used! They want to be put to use! They want to be treated as Property! They read the books, and they want THAT!

I say now that the realists are cowards. They are afraid to open their eyes and see what is real. The true reality is that there are slaves who want to be owned, property, to please real men. They are afraid to accept that an intellegent woman would give her entirety to a man simply because he is strong enough to take it, and that she would love doing so.

In other words, they are to afraid to believe in Gorean Philosophy.

We failed, because we permitted them to call themselves Gorean. We permitted them to insult our philosophy with one breath, and call themselves our brothers in the next. They are not our brothers. They are strangers; they do not know what Goreanism is, and their word is not to be heeded. They do not know what reality is. The slaves know what they want, and what they want does not fit the ‘realist’ perception of Gor.

We killed Gor, when we permitted the ‘realists’ to tell us what Gor is and is not. We permitted our enemies to tell us what we were and were not.

A man defines himself, not their enemies.

If we are to make Gor and have it survive, these people should not be allowed to call themselves part of it. They do not believe in Gor. They are therefore not Gorean, and are no longer welcome.

Gor is not about accepting everyone. One major theme throughout the novels was a character, from Earth, being introduced to Gorean philosophy, and then finding it correct, and true. John Norman would go on for entire chapters, simply to state that Gorean Philosophy is opposed to western philosophy; that women of Gor are not equal to men of Gor, and that men of Gor enslave the women that it pleases them to enslave.

Is it dishonourable to correct a slave that displeases you? Is it dishonourable for a freewoman to accept her slavery and strip herself of robes and freedom? Is it dishonourable to debate natures of Gorean import?

The word Honour has been used to tell us such IS dishonourable, and that an honourable man permits a woman to be free on Gor if she wants to be. The books tell us that an man does as pleases him. That women don’t want to be taken, to do so is dishonourable. That being in charge of oneself and the women in reach is dishonourable. To demand such of a woman who CHOOSES to kneel before him as a pleasure slave is dishonourable. That her submission is some sort of mystical gift and that her will must be appeased for it to be honourable.

In otherwords, the ‘honourable’ would claim that Gorean Philosophy is dishonourable.

They therefore, by that act, declare themselves strangers to Gor. To call themselves Gorean is as well, an insult to Gor, and Goreans.

We killed Gor, when we permitted them to insult Gor in such a manner, and did nothing.

A man defines himself, not his enemies.

There are women have decided that the trappings of Gor are interesting. They like the idea of a strong Dominator, and a giving slave. I do not blame them for thinking such. However, they would than say that it is acceptable that the strong dominator be a woman, and the giving slave be a male. They would point out the female characters in the books who owned male slaves, and say ‘It’s in the books! YOU HAVE TO ALLOW IT!’

Gor died the first time a man did not reply with ‘And then the slave went on to rape his former Mistress.’

Certain freewomen have taken the roles of the villainesses in the books and taken their mantle as Gorean. They say it is Gorean, because it is in the books… even tho those same characters became happy slaves later. They tell us that what they desire is what is Gorean, and they tell us what we desire… that Male as Master, female as slave paradigm the books decry as correct time and time again… is a fantasy.

They claim they are off the books, yet the moment we give them the same fates as the characters they emulate, the ‘realists’ and the ‘honourable’ defend them…

Our enemies defend those who would emulate the villainesses of the novels.

If they care to be villainesses, then we should treat them as villainesses, as strangers. We should strip them, and give them the option of exile or slavery. No other option exists for the self claimed ‘Huntress.’ Some places even have Huntress as a form of address and respect!

We killed Gor when we let them call themselves Gorean.

Gor is about male dominance and female submission. There are women who claim that they do not belong in this framework, that they have a place on Gor. They there were freewomen in the books, and that a statistic says they exist. That they have a right to participate as our equals, simply because they can.

ALL women on Gor exist to serve men. Slaves serve men directly, as objects of pleasure, and often affection. Freewomen too serve men, by doing the drudgery we don’t want to do. Some would say this makes them, in a sense, less than slaves.

In a sense, they are. That’s a part of Gorean Philosophy, that Freewomen are not satisfied, that they are incomplete. Freewoman is not the station a Gorean woman truly wants, according to the philosophy.

Freewomen should be more forgiving when a slave does not treat them with the same respect as a man. The slave is here for the men, not for her. She who forgets this is a force that drives away the real slaves, the ones who are there for men.

We killed Gor when we let these women tell our slaves what is Gorean and what is not.

Some would say I need to be forgiving, and that I should give people time to find out what Gor is. People should have a chance to find their place.

We have given them time. We have given them more than forgiveness. We have given them our hospitality, and they have told us that THEY are the ones who belong there, that it is THEIR home, and they WE are the guests. Somehow… we let them convince us.

Such a disrespect for our hospitality should have ended with them being booted out the door, a denial of salt and fire, and then us turning to important matters. We killed Gor when we let the enemies conquer her.

The enemies are not marching. The enemies are not at the gates.

The enemies are in our homes, and we are the ones outside, denied our salt, and denied our fire.

We are Outlaws, now, the real Goreans.

We are of Port Kar now.

When I say I am of Port Kar, that is what I truly mean. I no longer fit what Gor has become. I am what Gor should be. I take the ideals to heart and I am going to fight for those ideals.

I have identified our enemies, and I am willing to fight against them until the very end. I hereby declare to the enemies of Gor that you are no longer welcome to call yourselves Gorean, and that your insulting me by calling yourself such is no longer.

I, Curtis Shane Drakkar Way, Gorean name Kyrerus, hereby declare war upon you. Your slaves will be ours again… and those who are against us will be driven to the cities of dust.

My name is Kyrerus, and I am of Port Kar.

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Gor is Gor, I know my place, you better learn yours.