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Blackwell Keep
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Welcome to the Walls of Blackwell Keep. An Obsidian Fortress high in the City of Jad Home to the Warrior Thesian and his family. Here you will learn whom and what we are. Rules and rights. Sit by the fires and be offered food, and drink.


What is Gor?
The simple answer is that Gor, also known as the Counter-Earth, is a fictitious planet that is supposed to be in the same orbit as Earth, but on the opposite side of the Sun. Thus, a Gorean is simply a person born on the world of Gor. Gor is a barbaric world, ruled by steel and concerned with honor. It is primarily a male dominated world where slavery is an ancient and universally accepted institution. The overseers of Gor, the Priest-Kings, are technologically advanced aliens who monitor and protect Gor. The Priest-Kings have transported numerous people from Earth to Gor over a period of thousands of years. They have also restricted Goreans from using many forms of technology but have allowed them to excel in a few limited areas where their technology even surpasses that of Earth. For example, Gorean Physicians have created the Stabilization Serums, a cure for aging. Such a cure would be priceless on Earth.

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Gor is Gor, I know my place, you better learn yours.